As one of the highest mountains in the world, Everest has its own challenges for climbers to reach its peak. Since an explorer named Sir Edmund Hillary reached the summit of Everest, which has a height of about 8,848 meters above sea level (masl), then not a few climbers who also want to reach the top of the mountain.

However, since becoming one of the highest mountains in the world and entering the seven highest mountain peaks in the world or Seven Summits, a lot of things have happened on Everest. Ranging from vandalism to the number of trash climbers on Everest.

Being the highest mountain in the world, this is what makes many climbers feel proud when they reach the summit of Everest. However, the expression of pride seems to be meaningless if you scribble or carry out vandalism on the mountain.

As carried out by one of the tourists from China who was caught doing an act of vandalism at the Mount Everest base camp. The Chinese tourist wrote, “I’ve been here” in several languages ​​on the monument and at the base camp on the mountainside of China.

This made Chinese authorities in Tibet furious and planned to record names and embarrass tourists who left scribbles on Mount Everest.

To anticipate something similar, instead, the authorities plan to install boards that can be written by tourists or climbers who climb the mountain. This was done to protect Mount Everest from these acts of vandalism.

Aside from vandalism, Everest also has another tragic story. The terrain is quite difficult on Everest, making the climbers need a very thorough preparation before starting to climb. This is solely for the safety of the climber himself.

Because without proper preparation, then get ready. Because Everest has killed many climbers who want to reach the top of the mountain, about 250 corpses of climbers died on Everest are still around the mountain.

The bodies could not be evacuated due to difficult access and also the safety of the rescue teams at stake when they were going to bring the bodies of the climbers.

Recently, Everest has lost another life, an Australian climber named Michael Geoffrey Davis died from falling after falling rocks tore his safety rope.

Reported by the Daily Mail, Michael Geoffrey Davis was killed while going down from the summit of Ama Dablam, which is above an altitude of 6812 meters above sea level in the Himalayas in eastern Nepal.

The death of the Australian climber added to the long list of climbers who died while climbing Everest. Although many victims fell due to the ferocity of Mount Everest, the mountain seemed to still be excellent and magnet among climbers.

This is proven until now the mountain is still crowded by climbers from various parts of the world.

Not only were the corpses of climbers still at the top of the mountain, but Everest was also filled with trash from the climbers. Reporting from Mind Activist, thousands of climbers who climbed the mountain produce a lot of trash littering the slopes.

Rubbish such as food plastics, used tents, to oxygen cylinders that are not used are often found around the slopes of Mount Everest. If you cannot keep the mountain clean and keep throw away trash in unacceptable places, just stay at home and play Tembak Ikan Joker123. It’s better for you and of course, it’s also better for the mountain environment. This kind of hobby is more suitable for you, just stop doing mountain climbing and start playing games at home.

“This is disgusting, an eyesore,” Pemba Dorje Sherpa told AFP. “This mountain carries a lot of trash,” he said.

According to a 2016 report, Sherpas have succeeded in clearing around 11,793 kg of trash from around the Everest slope.

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