7 Impressive Hiking Trails in the World

It is undeniable that climbing mountains are an activity that can make someone eliminate fatigue.

Like Indonesia, a country that is awarded many locations for climbing, almost every large island in Indonesia has towering mountains.

But for addicts to wild activities, the mountains outside Indonesia will make the story more complete and varied. Especially those that have different terrain from the mountains in Indonesia.

Here are some countries that must be visited to vent their desire to climb mountains, as quoted by Zilado.

1) New Zealand

Having more than 500 hiking trails, New Zealand is known as a country rich in natural scenery.

The southern island of New Zealand is divided by the Southern Alps, the place where Edmund Hilary honed his climbing ability before going along Mount Everest in 1953.

2) South Africa

In addition to Kilimanjaro and Meru, the African Continent offers several hiking routes that are not less interesting in the south. Tracks such as the Otter Trail, Amathole Trail, and Giant’s Cup Trail can be followed when visiting South Africa.

Kruger National Park is also an iconic symbol of African climbers with an area of ​​up to two million hectares.

Wild animals such as lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards, and rhinos can be found in Krueger National Park. One thing that must be considered is still to go with the park officials for security.

3) Chile

Torres del Paine National Park makes Chile a country that must be visited by climbers.

Natural beauties such as giant white ice glaciers, lakes with sapphire green water, and the Las Torres granite towers are plastered along the hiking trail.

Mount Aconcagua, located in Argentina and the Chilean border, is the second-highest of the seven highest mountains in the world. But this mountain is more suitable for professional climbers than amateurs.

4) Nepal

It is no secret that Nepal is a must destination for climbers. Nepal is like a home from the Himalayas, where the highest mountains in the world, such as Everest and Kangchenjunga, are located.

This country seems specially designed for climbers. In addition to routes that are already famous for their beauty and difficulty in climbing like Annapurna, Everest, and Manaslu.

There is also a Mustang Trek that circles the Tibetan and Indian trade routes. This trail was opened to climbers in 1992.

5) Switzerland

Switzerland was born as a modern country that makes it easy for hikers to navigate their journeys.

This country stands like a paradise for climbers with a beautiful stretch of mountains ready to climb in summer and the best snowboarding and skiing routes in the world in winter.

Facilities and technology such as mountain trains that carry climbers to specific points, luxury hotels that replace traditional camps to small towns that are comfortable to visit in between climbing.

However, all these conveniences did not change the image of the slopes around Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, and Eiger, which had ended the journey of about 64 climbers since 1935. This earned him the nickname “Mordwand” or “killer wall.”

6) Norway

Norway is touted as the best country in Europe to climb. Not to mention, anyone can freely camp in this country as long as they are within a radius of 150 meters from the building.

Hiking trails such as Besseggen and Galdhopiggen in Jotunheimen, Gaustatoppen, and the Trollheimen triangle are the best choices for climbing when visiting Norway.

The sensation of climbing in cold climates will be felt when the giant glaciers and snowy mountain peaks are seen.

7) Sweden

Lapland, the last wilderness in Europe, which resides in Sweden, has one of the best long-distance hiking trails in Europe, namely Kungsleden through Sarek National Park.

A high level of adventurous spirit is needed when climbing this track, given the absence of paths, cabins, and facilities that can facilitate climbing on this path.

In parts of central Sweden, such as Dalarna province, there are other relatively cool hiking trails such as Skaneleden, which is a 100 km long trail through rural Skane.

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