This 6 Applications You Should Have While Hiking

Do you like climbing mountains? This outdoor activity is indeed very fun to do, especially if you really like to enjoy the beauty of nature from a height.

However, climbing mountains is not an easy thing to do. Because not everyone is able to reach the top of the mountain, only people who have excellent physical and well-prepared can reach the final destination in the mountain climbing activities.

At this time, there are many smartphone applications that can be used to support you from this extreme activity. What are these applications? Here are six applications that must be owned by mountain climbers:

1) Online Poker

Online Poker


When you have reached the top of the mountain, you will definitely be confused by the activity you want to do next. Light a campfire? It might have been so mainstream. However, if you can play poker with your hiking friend, it will be amazing.

In addition to eliminating your boredom when climbing mountains, poker games can also make you richer by only spending a small fortune. You can start download it on Playstore or Appstore, and win back more bonuses by beating your friend.

2) AllTrails



AllTrails is one of the many applications that you must have when exploring the mountains.

This application provides as many as more than 50 thousand travel records from around the world that are stored in his database. As with other tracking applications, this application also has various common features, such as GPS tracking and real-time tracking. This application can also be used to track and know your mileage while browsing.

3) My Hike Map

My Hike


My Hike Map will be the next application that JurnalApps adds to this list. By using the Map My Hike application, users can record all the climbing sessions they do. The recorded data will later be used as a guide when wanting to do a second climb in that place.

What’s interesting about this application, besides being able to track climbing, My Hike Map can also record the number of calories burned while traveling.

4) First Aid

First Aid

An accident that occurs when exploring in the mountains is not something we want, but we must continue to prepare and deal with the incident. By using First Aid, a way to provide first aid can be presented by this application when facing various adverse conditions during an exploration.

For example, this application provides information when a fracture event occurs and how to overcome asthma shortness during a trip. The presentation given was quite good, with illustrated images that are easily practiced. More sophisticated, the content contained in this first aid application is pre-loaded. So, even if the signal is in bad condition, you will still be able to access various safety information.

5) SAS Survival Guide

SAS Survival

Like its name, this application provides a guide on how the explorers can survive while in the wild. The guide provided is not only for explorers in the mountains but also in the sea, desert, or urban. There are many tips that are displayed in the form of text, images, and videos that users can try to do.

6) Sky Map


The last application that Journal Apps entered into the list this time was Sky Map. This application is very interesting to be tried by every open-air explorer, you know. By using this application, simply point the camera up at the sky when you spend the night in the open air. Furthermore, Sky Map will show users what objects have been captured by the camera. For example, constellations, various famous stars such as Sirius, see various planets, to be able to see meteor showers such as the aquatic delta, perseid, etc. we will be able to see its exact location through this application. Interesting right?

Well, those are six applications that must be owned by mountain climbers. Curious to use it? Come on. Try it right away!

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