6 Healthy Food Ingredients That Must Be Carry When Climbing a Mountain, Take Note!

Mountain climbing is a favorite activity for some people. Although it takes quite a long time, it’s not uncommon for enough people to do it.

One thing that should not be missed while climbing a mountain is certainly food. Usually, climbers tend to choose instant food that is durable and long-lasting during climbing. In fact, to maintain stamina, of course, climbers still need healthy preparations as support.

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For those of you who might like to hike, here are five types of healthy food that you must carry and consume while climbing.

1. Bread


Even though bread can be called a portion of food that has a fast expiration date, that doesn’t mean you don’t have it, yes. Supplies of bread are still needed for you to consume at the beginning of the climb. You can consume it between breaks or when you hike as a snack.

Of course, bread can help you provide additional energy.

2. Milk


Some climbers may prefer coffee as a drink that is consumed so that the eyes do not get sleepy. In fact, it is strongly recommended to consume milk, for example like packaged milk. Milk can also help you maintain stamina and fitness. In addition, it can also be an energy booster.

3. Fruits

Do not underestimate the fruits to maintain your stamina during climbing, yes. You can bring several types of fruit that you like and certainly must contain lots of good nutrition for the body. After that, you can consume it in between climbing to maintain body fitness to keep it always fit.

4. Chocolate


Not hard to get chocolate as a light snack and delicious. You can carry it as supplies to climb.

As it is known that chocolate can provide a relaxing effect on the body while also providing additional energy when the body starts to slack. No wonder chocolate is highly recommended.

5. Honey

Everyone seems to already know how efficacious this type of naturally processed product is. Of course, you should not miss honey as one of the provisions that you must carry while climbing.

Honey can help you replace lost energy. In addition, the effects of coldness, such as dry lips, can also be overcome by the consumption of honey.

6. Potatoes

Potatoes can also be brought along because of their high carbohydrate content. One medium-sized potato contains 37 grams of carbohydrates, which is enough to restore energy that is exhausted when traveling through the mountains.

When camping or climbing, potatoes can be used as a healthy diet rich in nutrients. It does not require a lot of equipment. Potatoes can be processed by burning or boiling. A dense potato will make the stomach feel full faster, and energy will recover quickly.

Well, some types of healthy food ingredients above can be the best idea for you who want to climb, but still, carry healthy supplies. Don’t forget to note!

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