9 Mysterious and Mystical Mountains Around The World

For those who have even often hiking mountains, mystical things on the way seem to be commonplace. Mountains are wild places, so someone who wants to do mountaineering will definitely make as much preparation as possible.

Almost all mountains in the world have their own mystical stories. Like the 9 most sacred mountains in the world below:

  1. Mount Arizona

Mount Arizona

This mountain is believed to be one of the most haunted mountains in the world. This chain of volcanoes in the Coconino National Forest is sacred, including the peak of San Francisco in Arizona. Rumors circulated that this place was inhabited by Kachinese people.

  1. Mount Everest

Mount Everest

Who doesn’t know this legendary mountain? Yes, Mount Everest in Nepal is believed to be the source of the universe and is dubbed the Goddess of Heaven. Because the journey to the top of this mountain is not easy to pass and often takes lives, making Everest is included in the list of mysterious mountains in the world.

  1. Mount Latimojong

mount latimojong

This mountain is located in Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi. That said, in addition to offering beautiful and charming scenery, this mountain holds a number of mysteries. One of them is the legendary Poppo ghost. Poppo’s ghost is described as human-like, can fly, and has red eyes. Hikers are advised to stay alert, especially when they hear the sound of ‘pok pok pok’ over and over again. That indicates the existence of the Poppo Ghost is very close.

  1. Mount Fuji

mount fuji

This mountain is a sacred place for Buddhists and Shintoists. They believe that Mount Fuji is the residence of the Goddess of Fire (Shinto religion) and Danichi Nyorai, as well as the Sun God in Buddhism.

  1. Mount Olympus

mount olympus

In Greece, there is also a sacred mountain, namely Olympus. It is said that there is a myth circulating that Mount Olympus is the abode of the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Therefore, this mountain has its own magical power for climbers. If you asking, yes, this mount is an inspiration for one of the most popular online slot game in the world right now, Gates of Olympus. Go check the PragmaticPlay Official Website if you want to play the game.

  1. Popocatepetl Peak


This mountain is closely related to the important legend of the Aztecs and the local Nahua tribe who are often called El Popo. El Popo itself means to live and breathe. It is said that on this mountain fourteen churches were built during the 16th century. The church itself was functioned by missionaries from Spain, precisely in the El Popo valley. Now the entire church is included in one of the Mexican cultural heritage sites protected by UNESCO.

  1. Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo in Jordan is the place where Moses found the land promised by God. On top of the mountain you can see the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jordan River, Jericho and Mount Olive. Not surprisingly, Mount Nebo is included in the ranks of the most sacred mountains in the world.

  1. Mount Croagh Patrick

Mount Croagh Patrick

The Celts in pre-Christian times thought that the god Crom Dubh lived on this mountain. No wonder Mount Croagh Patrick is called the most sacred mountain in the world. Not to mention the fact that Saint Patrick, who brought Christianity to Ireland, traveled for forty days fasting and praying on top of Mount Croagh.

  1. Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash

It is said that in the past the Darchens used to perform rituals around Mount Kailash every year. The Darchens believe that this ritual can wash away sins while living on earth.

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