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The Himalayas are indeed full of charm with high mountains and spectacular views. On the other hand, there are various mysterious areas on the roof of the world.

The following are the ones we quoted from the Times of India.

1) Gyanganj

Also known as the City of Immortals, Gyanganj is believed to be located in a remote place in the Himalayan canyon that is not accessible to most people. Some attempts by climbers to find the exact location always lead to failure.

Buddhists, especially in Tibet and India, believe that Gyanganj is not just a place but a higher dimension. Appropriate souls can only reach their location, and those who live there will be eternal. Some spiritual leaders claim to have visited it.

2) Lake Roopkund

Located in one of the most beautiful trekking spots in the Uttarakhand region, the Roopkund Lake, at an altitude of about 5,000 meters, holds about 800 human skeletons. There is no satisfactory explanation of why there are so many people dying massively in that remote area.

Local myths call them the king and his pregnant wife, Rani Balampa, along with servants and dancers, who make a pilgrimage to the temple of the goddess Nanda Devi. But Nanda Devi felt disturbed, and a storm came, and a large rock fell, so they all died.

3) Gangkhar Puensum

Gangkhar Puensum is the highest mountain in the world that has never been climbed. Located in Bhutan, this mountain has been measured repeatedly for its height, but the figure is always said to be different.
Bhutanese believe Gangkhar Puensum is home to mystical creatures such as the yeti and also the gods. Some attempts to climb there reportedly always fail so that the mysterious aura continues to be maintained. Some people reported hearing mysterious sounds and lights and certain apparitions.

4) Tiger Nest Monastery

The Tiger Nest Monastery is located on the steep side of a cliff in the country of Bhutan. Here, there is a cave that is believed to be a place of meditation for Padmasambhawa’s Master for 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks 3 days, and 3 hours.

He is said to fly to this place from Tibet on a tiger. The place is so high even for today’s size, making many people admire how people in the past built it.

5) Lake Gurudongmar

Lake Gurudongmar is located at a height, on the mountainside of Kanchengyao. Now, if you visit this lake, even in winter, it is likely that tourists will find a small part of the lake that does not freeze, also though the surroundings are ice.

Local people believe that the saints once upon a time touched the spot and kept the water liquid, never frozen. The reason is to facilitate the lives of people who live around there to avoid drought.

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